Review Policy

I will ready almost anything except poetry and romance.

I am game for tween and young adult upwards in age. In fact, some of the best work has come from this area, in my opinion.

I am particularly fond of history, historical fiction and general nonfiction works but like I stated earlier I will read almost anything.

Publishers and authors, if you are interested in having me review your work, please send me an email at

In the subject, state REVIEW – [book name, author] just to make sure I don’t delete it as junk mail.

I do not guarantee that I will review the book. I am just agreeing to consider reading your book.

If I do agree to review your book, I will read at least 50 pages before I write my review. My reviews are based on my opinion of the book, so some reviews may be good or not so good based on my opinion.

Remember these opinions are mine and mine alone. You DO NOT have my permission to copy or use my reviews for your own purposes at any time. Please respect that.